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We’re loving our new Brondell Swash 1000!

During the spring holidays, we closed the bistro and took a long-overdue family trip to Japan and enjoyed ourselves very much. Now that things have settled down a bit I thought I would update you all on the happenings around the restaurant.

It’s been a very rewarding trip for me personally because I got to visit a ton of amazing restaurants and see some old colleagues at the hotel. There’s plenty that I learned from Japanese restaurants. They truly take food seriously and I hope to be implementing some new ideas into the menu, so stay tuned!

One of the coolest things I saw while I was in Japan was that many restaurants make the whole dining experience very comfortable. And I’m not just talking about the food or the seating. I’m talking about the bathrooms for instance. Many Japanese restaurant bathrooms are always equipped with mouth wash and towels and sometimes even toothbrushes. Not to mention, of course, the Japanese bidet toilets. These are some of the most comfortable things I’ve ever used in my life.

When I got back to Canada I thought it would be a great idea to make the restaurant a little more comfortable for our customers. So I decided to order a Brondell Swash 1000 toilet seat bidet from Amazon and installed it into our guest toilet. My wife also took care of providing some extra amenities in our washrooms. We’re really loving the new look in our washrooms and we hope you will find using our them more comfortable.

For those of you who don’t know, a bidet toilet seat is just a toilet seat with an integrated bidet. A bidet is the thing that you can use to wash yourself after using the toilet instead of wiping with toilet paper. It’s very common in Asia and parts of Europe. It’s not as weird as it sounds and it’s actually much cleaner and comfortable because you feel very clean afterwards and these new bidet seats can dry you up quickly. We picked the Brondell S1000 particularly because we heard many good things about it. The main good thing about it which was important to us was ease-of-use. We assumed that for many of our customers it would be their first time using a bidet seat, so we wanted to choose something that was easy to operate. And a Brondell Swash 1000 review said that the remote was easy to operate and figure out immediately. It also has a heated seat and air dryer which would be important features that we would want for our customers. The Brondell bidet toilet is a typical seat you can install for you home as well, so if you want to take a look at that and other bidets, we found that the reviews at were very helpful.

My wife and I were really impressed with how the restaurant experience in Japan was so comfortable. We learned a lot on our trip and we were also able to relax a bit. It’s been years since we took a trip as a family because it’s not so easy when you run a restaurant. We’re now back, refreshed, and loving our new washroom. We hope you’ll like the Brondell seat and the extras my wife put in the washroom. Thanks for your patience while we were away and your continued support is much appreciated!

See you soon,


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